lauren hess is an artist working in the mountains of asheville.

since graduating from rhode island school of design, her work has been recognized by Society of Illustrators NY, Society of Illustrators LA, Communication Arts, and 3X3 Illustration Annual.

as a freelance artist and designer, she has worked with several exciting clients like TEDMED and Wicked Weed Brewing.

she founded the multidisciplinary studio, The Inverse, after years of research on garment and leather industry practices and the desire to create without creating waste. every artist faces similar existential questions: what if my practice is more destructive than helpful?


so... inverse of what?

an inverse of the culture of consumption, excess and disposable fashion; proof that you can make gorgeous products from upcycled materials without contributing to our waste crisis or sacrificing quality, longevity, or style.

each product is hand crafted using upcycled and found leather.

have a project in mind?

let's talk! theinversestudio@gmail.com